Skin Lab Tattoo And Body Piercing - Rip off and incomplete tattoo by stoned

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Skin Lab Tattoo and Body piercing. Tempe, AZ

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I went to Skin Lab Tattoo and body piercing to have a sketch done on a tattoo that I wanted plus a contract that determined how much everything would cost.The cost would be no more than 150 dollars for a complete tattoo.

When I came back for my appointment, Sam was stoned out of his mind, the place smelled heavily of pot, and he began talking about his prior heroin addiction. When he finished the tat, he had shaded all the details in rather than leaving room for small lettering which I asked specifically for, and then demanded more money. The guy he works for is a real dweeb and demanded that I pay for 5 hours of work even though only 1 and a half was completed with a partial tattoo. So basically the name of the game with this company is to give you a partial tattoo, and then refuse to complete it unless more money is presented.

What a joke!Law suits are a waiting.

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Lol not true

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